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Cleanliness is branding


It’s your brand. That’s the end of the story. But... the beginning there was a pristine foodservice establishment. It could be a restaurant, store, stadium or school—it doesn’t matter, all of them hold great promise when they are new.

And then cooking oil starts flowing...

Cooking oil has a way of settling and coating and is difficult and expensive to clean. In restaurant surveys it is reported that fry stations are more likely to be a slip hazard then ware-wash stations.

Cooking oil degrades the look of your fryer and fryer station...

Removing the grease from kitchen floors is critical to maintaining a safe and slip-free restaurant environment, but traditional mops and buckets spread grease around. In fact, grease and water are such enemies of one another that grease will literally stick to the mop.

And your parking lot is affected, too...

As the most outward representation of your brand—it can become a nightmare. Odors, debris, smells, and vermin quickly become the rule. Neighbors notice.

Suffice it to say, Frontline Interantional systems transform...

With the push of a button, oil flows through closed pipes to a closed containment tank. Fryers are filled in much the same way — push a button and fresh cooking oil flows via plumbing from our EZ Oil™ dispensing system.

The top decision makers at every chain we deal with consistently state that nothing is more important than the experience customers have with the brand. So make the right decision early.